PhD Opportunities

LINCS welcomes applications from suitably qualified individuals interested in pursuing PhD studies that fall under the Department’s broad range of expertise in translation and interpreting, as well as intercultural studies. We actively promote interdisciplinary work across contexts, genres and modalities. The incorporation of sign language studies coordinates with the wider epistemological move towards multimodality and digital analytical platforms.

Categories in Translation and Interpreting studies include:

  • Public Service Interpreting: Standardizing Quality and Professionalisation
  • Police Interpreting
  • Interpreting and Translating In Mental Health Settings
  • Translation of Cultural Objects
  • Evaluative or Persuasive Written Communication in Business Contexts
  • Interpreter-mediated Interaction
  • Migrant Memoirs and Literature in Translation
  • Linguistic Needs and Policy in Multilingual Europe
  • Legal Interpreting Provision, Training and Policy
  • Translating/Adapting Music Across National Boundaries
  • Sign language interpreting and translation
  • Corpus methodologies in Translation and Interpreting Studies
  • Multimodality and Translation

Categories in Intercultural research include:

  • Intangible cultural heritages
  • Language policy and “new” speakers
  • Multimodal translation in museum spaces
  • Language brokering experiences
  • Written communication in business contexts
  • Multilingualism in public settings / the public sphere
  • Film / documentary
  • Music and nostalgia
  • Cultural ecology and development
  • Cultural politics of the arts

For more information on PhD Opportunities in LINCS, please click here for research in Translation and Interpreting and here for Intercultural Research.