Your Training, Your Way?

In a recent post, we started thinking about the usefulness of translation and interpreting degrees. It was very encouraging to see the response from LifeinLINCS readers.

Now, it’s time for your views to take centre stage. A few people here at LINCS would like to run online courses, centred on what you want to learn. To help us, we would like you to fill in this 5 minute survey.

The more responses we get, the better we can tailor the courses. So far, we are looking at two main options:

1) Short online webinars
These would be around 90 minutes to half a day long and would give you the chance to quiz experts on translation and/or interpreting on different areas: from everyday business skills to handling technical translations. The whole idea of these events would be that you would be in charge. By filling in the survey, you would help set the theme. By sending in questions, you would be in control of what was covered. By participating in online chatting and tweeting, you would help to steer the event.

2) Full-day online CPD events
Ever wanted to go to a translation or interpreting course but couldn’t afford the travel and accomodation? This could be your answer. Once again, these events would be built around the topics you want covered. They would be a mix of short presentations, panel Q&A sessions and interactive work. Again, these events will be interactive, taking into account the views you express by tweeting or chatting.

The whole idea of this is to provide your training your way. However, those of us who would like to see these courses run, we need to hear what you think. So please: