Research into multimedia translation: is it socially useful?

Dr Raquel de Pedro will be presenting a paper at the Points of View in Language and Culture Conference which will take place in the lovely city of Krackow on the 14 and 15 October. Her paper is based on the findings of a project called “Multimodality in translation: Steps towards socially useful research” which Raquel is currently working on. The aim of the project is to look at the extent to which research in Translation Studies contributes to professional practice. Raquel is particularly interested in finding out how aware the industry is of academic research in the field of multimodal translation and what kind of research in this area is considered as (potentially) “useful” by the multimedia industry. The focus of the conference is on the very exciting and growing field of Audiovisual Translation. We look forward to hearing all about it from Raquel when she gets back.
Enjoy the conference Raquel!

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