IndyLan updates and app launch events!

The IndyLan project has developed a mobile application that will help speakers of English, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish to learn Gaelic, Scots, Cornish, Basque, Galician and Northern Saami, all endangered at different degrees.  Our project’s educational tool is designed to help users learn some of Europe’s endangered languages and find out about the cultures of the people who speak these languages.

The IndyLan app contains more than 4,000 vocabulary items (terms and expressions) in about 100 categories. The modes in the application are: Vocabulary; Phrases; Dialogues; Grammar; Aural Comprehension; Culture. 

Our vision is for the IndyLan app to contribute to endangered language learning and revitalisation so that these languages remain alive and relevant in contemporary societies and economies. 

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News and updates

The testing phase – Intellectual Output 3 is now complete. Thank you to everyone who participated in our testing survey and gave us feedback! We have made changes to the app and fixed bugs following the internal and external testing phase, so your feedback counts.

The IO3 testing report has now been published on our website.

On our website you can also find a dedicated section on the languages and people of the IndyLan app, with videos and resources, news and updates, as well as a list of our downloadable outputs

Remember, you can still give us feedback on the app via App Store/Google Play ratings, or by emailing

Local Dissemination Events will take place in Scotland, Cornwall, Spain, Sápmi (Norway) and Finland.

Dissemination and Events

Scotland (all events are online)

  • 14th January: Tachartas cuir air bhog stuth Gàidhlig – 4f Dihaoine 14mh Faoilleach. *Gaelic-only event. Register here.
  • 21st January: IndyLan App launch in Scotland for Gaelic and Scots, + song performance. Information and registration here.

Cornwall (face-to-face event)

  • 12th January: Launch of new Cornish language learning app – IndyLan. Conference Centre, Dupath farm. Register here.

Finland (online event)

  • 20th January: IndyLan – Mobile Virtual Learning for Indigenous Languages App launch in Finland. Register here.

Norway (Face-to-face event)

Spain (face-to-face event)

This event will be confirmed soon – please have a look on our website: or contact

Final Dissemination event

Our Final Dissemination Event and Official App Launch will take place online on Thursday 27th of January !

The event will include performances in all the languages of the app (Scots, Saami, Basque, Galician, Gaelic, Cornish).

Register here:

Indylan is the name of our Erasmus+ project Mobile Virtual Learning for Indigenous Languages. The 26-month project (2019-2021) is led by Heriot-Watt University, and the Coordinator is Dr Katerina Strani.

The project includes the following 5 partners from 4 countries (UK, Finland, Norway and Spain):

Read more about our project on the Indylan Website, available in 11 languages.

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Check out the language links in our LiveBinder for the indigenous languages in our project


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